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10 Apr 2021 - 17 Apr 2021 (Applications close on 18 Mar 2021 at 23:59, 3 weeks before the event starts.)

Update 15 January 2021 - all participant places filled

We have now filled all places for Senior Cub Scouts, Scouts and Venturer Scouts at Campwest 2021. We are operating a waitlist for any places that become available.  

We are still accepting registrations from Rover Scouts, adult Leaders and supporters. 


Follow these steps to register for the waitlist:

  1. Enter Scouts WA membership number and DOB on this page below.

  2. Select ‘Waitlist – Participant’ or ‘Waitlist – Venturer Scouts’, and complete the rest of the form. 

  3. You’ll then be automatically added to the waitlist, with the registration timestamp indicating your position on the waitlist.


The waitlist will operate on a first come, first served basis. If places become available, we will transfer your registration over and you will receive an invoice from MyScout. 



As always, if you have any questions at all, please email us at



Campwest 2021 is a once in a lifetime 8-day, 7-night camp for youth members aged between 10.5 and 15 years that has been designed for Scouts by Scouts!
Our Design Squad have had a say in everything from the program and activities all the way through to the menu!!

Campwest 2021
Campwest 2021 will be filled with adventure, challenges and excitement and this is definitely a camp that you don't want to miss out on!!

Challenge yourself with the Survivor Experience!!
Have fun at the Amazing Activity Zones!! 
Go wild at the Perth Zoo-mazing Race and more!!
Enjoy a day of water, sunshine and slides with your friends at Adventure World!!
Party each night, chill out while watching a movie, or relax back at your campsite!!

You know you want to be there so make sure you register before it's too late!!


Senior Cub Scouts/Scouts/Venturer Scouts (Participant) - $530

Leaders/Venturer Scouts (Junior Service Leader)/Rover Scouts/other adults - $260

Venturer Scouts (Junior Service Leader) with Big Kahuna Day Out - $349

Important Registration Information
Please ensure you carefully read the event information sheet before submitting a registration as the event information sheet contains important details about eligibility, payments and inclusions.
All youth registrations are subject to the approval of their Unit Leader. 
Information regarding shirt sizes and how to get accurate measurements can be accessed 
The event information sheet can be accessed here

By registering for Campwest 2021 you are acknowledging that you have read and agree to the event information sheet.

Venturer Scouts at Campwest 2021
Youth members who would have been eligible to attend Campwest in September 2020 but will be over 15 years of age in April 2021 have two options for attendance at Campwest 2021:

  • Attend as a participant – Venturer Scouts who would not have had their 15th birthday by 26 September 2020 (original opening day of Campwest 2020) are eligible to attend as a participant. These Venturer Scouts would be placed together in a standalone Campwest Unit and participate in the event as if they were a member of the Scout Section. The fee for Venturer Scouts who choose this option is $530. 

  • Attend as a Junior Service Leader – any Venturer Scout who meets the eligibility criteria can attend as a Junior Service Leader. These youth members would support the delivery of the event rather than participate as if they were a member of the Scout Section. The fee for Venturer Scouts who choose this option is $260. 

Venturer Scouts attending as a Junior Service Leader can choose to do the optional BIG KAHUNA DAY OUT for an extra cost of $89. A full day offsite expereince exclusively for Venturer Scouts, where they'll tackle wakeboarding or the giant floating inflatable course at Perth Wake Park then head to Fremantle for 3D mini golf at the Glowing Rooms. There's some chill time in Fremantle and dinner with new friends before heading back to site. Select the 'Venturer Scout (Big Kahuna Day Out included)' particpant category when you register for Campwest 2021.

Click here to see the Event Information Sheet for Venturer Scouts.

Linking Cub Scouts
-Linking Cub Scouts who will be over 11 years and registered in the Scout Section prior to Campwest 2021 Opening Day on 10 April 2021 are eligible to register for Campwest 2021
-A Linking Cub Scout must meet all prerequisites that apply to a Scout youth member prior to attending the event
-As there are no refunds for this event, it is recommended that the Cub Scout discuss their attendance at Campwest 2021 with their Scout Leader prior to registering for the event to confirm that they will be able to achieve all prerequisites before the camp
-There are no refunds if you register and pay for Campwest 2021 and do not meet the age criteria for attending the event and/or are not linking to the Scout Section (for example if you are a 10 year old Cub Scout who wants to go to Campwest 2021 but will not be 11 years old or be a registered member of the Scout Section before the event you will not receive a refund)
-Please note that the approval email for Linking Cub Scouts will automatically be sent to the Cub Scout Leader-in-Charge as it is an automated process
-Once registrations close, the Scout Leader will be emailed by the Campwest 2021 Team to obtain approval for this youth member confirming that they have achieved, or will achieve, all required prerequisites for Campwest 2021 before the Opening Day of this event and are suitable to attend Campwest 2021
-Registrations close on 29 January 2021 which means if you are a Linking Cub Scout and are not sure about attending Campwest 2021, there is plenty of time to decide and register before the closing date

Please read the important information above to ensure you meet all of the requirements and will be able to achieve all of the prerequisites before you register for Campwest 2021 as a Linking Cub Scout.

Senior Cub Scouts

-Cub Scouts aged at least 10 and a half years are eligible to attend Campwest 2021 as a Senior Cub Scout. This is in line with previous Campwest events where 10-and-a-half-year-old youth members have been able to attend. 

-This participant category is intended to assist youth members who are planning on attending the Australian Jamboree in January 2022, specifically with the nights camping Jamboree requirement. 

-The eligibility criteria for Senior Cub Scouts is available on the Event Information Sheet – be sure to read this before registering for Campwest 2021.

-The approval email for Senior Cub Scouts will automatically be sent to the Cub Scout Leader-in-Charge. It is the responsibility of the Cub Scout Leader to approve the registration for Senior Cub Scouts attending Campwest 2021.

Leader/Adult Member Registration Information
All Leaders and adult members registering for Campwest 2021 must select three preferred roles. 
Once registrations close, a role will be allocated to each Leader/adult member.
The Event Management Team will do their best to ensure you are doing something you selected however, please note this will depend on operational requirements.

Leader/Adult Member Roles Descriptions
Line Leader – Adult Leader in charge of a Campwest Scout Unit
Assistant Line Leader – Assisting the Line Leader with daily support of Scouts in a Campwest Scout Unit
Activities – Assisting with onsite and offsite activities
Catering – Assisting with organising food distribution for Scouts, catering for non-line Leaders, Venturer Scouts, Rover Scouts and other adult members
Logistics – Assisting with everything logistical such as transport movement, waste management, a “Jack” or “Jill” of all trades
Safety & Wellbeing – Assisting with welfare

We thank you in advance for attending Campwest to help make this an amazing and memorable camp for our youth members.

Leader Orientation Day - Saturday 13th February 2021
For all Venturer Scouts, Rover Scouts, Leaders and adult members.

When: Saturday 13 February 2021
Time:   9:00am to 2:00pm
Location: To Be Advised

Information regarding Leader Orientation Day will be emailed to those that need to attend after registrations close.

Joey Scouts and Cub Scouts are invited to Future Scout Day where you will get the chance to see some of what Scouts do at Campwest as well as join in some of the fun.
Keep your eye out for more information as it becomes available (costs will apply).

Visit for more Campwest 2021 information as it is released.
All enquiries regarding Campwest 2021 should be emailed to

For more information go to

Role fees
Participant - Scout (5 nights): $380.00
Leaders & Adult Helpers - 5 nights (accommodation, catering & merchandise included: $190.00
Market Day Volunteer (no merchandise): $0.00
Service Leader - Venturer Scout - 1 night (camping, catering and merchandise included): $58.00
Participant - Linking Cub Scout: $530.00
Leaders & Adult Helpers - 1 night (camping, catering and merchandise included): $58.00
Carer - Non Member (< 18 years) - 4 nights (camping, catering and merchandise included): $157.00
Leaders & Adult Helpers - 2 days only (merchandise included, no camping, no catering): $25.00
Non-Member Adults - 1 night (camping, catering and merchandise included): $58.00
Carer - Non Member (18 years) - 3 nights (camping, catering and merchandise included): $124.00
Leaders & Adult Helpers - 2 days (no accomodation, no merch, no catering): $0.00
Non Member Adults: $260.00
Leader & Adult Helper - 7 days (no camping, no catering, no merchandise): $0.00
Service Leader - Venture Scout - 4 nights (camping, catering and merchandise included): $157.00
Participant - Scout & Cub Scout (6 nights): $455.00
Leaders & Adults: $260.00
Girl Guide - Merchandise only: $25.00
Service Leader - Venturer Scout : $260.00
Participant - Senior Cub Scout: $530.00
Waitlist - Venturer Scouts - Event Youth Registrations Closed: $0.00
Participant - Scout & Cub Scouts (3 nights): $230.00
Waitlist - Participant - Event Youth Registrations Closed: $0.00
Leaders & Adult Helpers - 2 nights (camping, catering and merchandise included): $91.00
Carer: $260.00
Service Leader - Venturer Scout - 3 nights (camping, catering and merchandise included): $124.00
Participant - Scout: $530.00
Leaders & Adult Helpers - 3 nights (camping, catering and merchandise included) : $124.00
Leaders & Adult Helpers - 1 day only (merchandise only, self catering, no camping): $25.00
Service Leader - Venturer Scout (Big Kahuna Day Out included): $349.00
Campwest Event Management Team : $260.00
Leaders & Adult Helpers - Girl Guides (non-members): $260.00
Participant - Girl Guide (non-members): $530.00
Leaders & Adult Helpers - 4 nights (camping, catering and merchandise included): $157.00
Participant - Girl Guide (non-members) (no catering): $415.00
Participant - Venturer Scout: $530.00
Service Leader - Girl Guides (Venturer Scout age) - Big Kahuna Day Out included): $349.00
Leaders & Adult Helpers - 1 day only (no merchandise, self catering, no camping): $0.00

Please enter the membership number and date of birth of the member whom the registration is for.

(e.g. "1 Jan 2000")