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Thumbnail venturer scouts Venturer Scout Personal Development Course - Leadership and Unit Management

26 Nov 2022 - 27 Nov 2022 (Applications close on 11 Nov 2022 at 17:00, 2 weeks before the event starts.)


When:  Saturday 26 - Sunday 27 November 2022

Where:  Willeton Scout Hall

Time:  8.00am Saturday 26 November - 1.00pm Sunday 27 November

*Scout Uniform is required*

*Please note:  Both courses will be running at the same time, make sure you select the course that you would like to attend when regsitering*

Venturer Scout Personal Development Courses, Leadership and Unit Management will run concurrently with courses sharing meals and accommodation. depending on number of participants there may be times where courses participate in games / sessions together.


At the Venturer Scout Leadership course participants will learn personal and leadership skills, how to become active citizens, new ways of thinking or approaches to reflect on individual leadership experiences and development, problem solving, communication, task management


The Venturer Scout Leadership course requires Venturers to show a level of maturity to get the most out of the course. Venturers will be required to actively participate and must be able to self manage. The course is designed for youth aged 16 years and above, however younger Venturers are encouraged to attend if they feel they have the necessary maturity and willingness to fully engage.


Venturer Unit Management Course is an invaluable way to learn the ins and outs of making your Unit Successful. Leaders are also encouraged to attend. This course is open to all Venturers of all ages.


All meals will be included, youth will sleep in the hall and are required to bring all bedding.


Role fees
Leadership Course: $50.00
Unit Management Course: $50.00

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